( Feb 11, 2021) 

With Millennium Blades Collusion now shipping, there are a few known issues you should be aware of as you prepare to open your copy. 

We are currently assessing these and any other problems, and will present a solution in the near future.

Shipping Damage

We have received a handful of reports (a bit under 3% of boxes shipped) which have significant shipping damage. If you have any shipping damage to report, please reach out to us on our contact form and let us know. 

We don't have replacement parts in stock yet, but once we do, we will begin issuing replacements. 

Pictures of any damages are useful to us as well to help improve future projects.

Printing Issues

  • Unclear Components
    • There is no divider for Aaron-G's Mystery Cards. These are intended to be stored together with his character cards.
  • Missing Dividers— Set dividers for Starter Decks introduced in Set Rotation were left out of the box. These sets are 
    • Gods & Myths
    • Megalopolis
    • The Great War
    • The Academy
    • Animal Farm
    • Future Perfect
  • Misprinted Dividers — A few set dividers show incorrect set logos or incorrect rarity symbols. These are:
    • Temporal Odyssey — This should have been "Terrene Odyssey"
    • Esper X
    • Seventh Cross Heroes
    • War of Indines
    • Core Set II

If you discover any other issues not listed here, please make sure to let us know.